Welcome to Eco-Truck Sharing. If after going through this site you have any additional questions please call or e-mail us, we will be happy to help. Thank you for visiting, and please spread the word about us, the more members we have the more trucks we can place around the different islands for you to use.


Step One

  1. Get approved to share our trucks/vans, and make sure all drivers have a smart phone with a flashlight as well as being capable of taking and e-mailing photos. Your membership will allow you low rates, ease of pick up and drop off, 24hr access all while contributing to sustainability on our planet. But it requires honesty, timeliness and integrity without which a system such as this would not exist. Please respect the rules set in place to make this all possible so that we may all benefit from truck sharing, your membership depends on it.

Step Two

Use our online calendar to reserve your dates/times.

Step Three

Use the truck/van and return by agreed time.

Step Four

Top the fuel tank off before returning.

Step Five

If the truck/van gets dirty or if you rent for more than 3 days please clean it before dropping off.

Step Six

Park the truck/van in the same stall you got it from, if that stall is not available try to park it as near to that stall as possible (for airports park as close to the interisland departure gates as possible).