Thank you for considering becoming a member of Ecotruckshare.

Being a member means benefiting from the advantages of truck/van sharing, and doing a little more work when you pick up and drop off the truck/van that you use. It’s like being the renter(customer) of a truck/van and the agent(business rep) for the rental company at the same time. Membership is sustained by following instructions, being accountable and responsible for your use of the trucks/vans.

Get Approved

Get approved to share our trucks/vans, and make sure all drivers have a smart phone with a flashlight, QR code reader app(like a barcode which directs you to a website on your phone), as well as being capable of taking and e-mailing photos. Your membership will allow you low rates, ease of pick up and drop off, 24hr access all while contributing to sustainability on our planet. But it requires honesty, timeliness and integrity without which a system such as this would not exist. Please respect the rules set in place to make this all possible so that we may all benefit from truck sharing, your membership depends on it.


Use our online calendar to reserve your dates/times, note that if you would like to reserve more than one week in advance you must take at least 5 days. To rent for less than a 5 day time period you must wait until you are within one week of renting to reserve. Include company name, as well as name and telephone number of the person who will be driving the truck/van in the reservation. When you reserve it’s better to reserve for a few hours longer than you actually think you’ll need it to assure you are never late.

Pick-up Check List

1.Once inside the truck complete the online pick up check list by scanning the QR code inside the truck and making sure every item is completed, there are walk around check out sheets in the truck. If the fuel is less than the line just below the F(full) mark please make the gas station your first stop to bring the tank up to full. E-mail us a copy of the receipt for that fuel and a photo of the fuel gauge so that we may charge the previous renter for the fuel and a refill fee of $50 which will go to you.

Return the Truck/Van

Use the truck/van and return by agreed time, if you picked up the truck/van at the airport the parking has been paid for you should not need to pay any parking fees. If you are late returning the truck/van and there is another renter waiting to use the truck/van you may be charged a late fee of $100, so when you reserve it’s better to reserve for a few hours longer than you actually think you’ll need it to assure you are never late.

Top off the fuel tank

Top the fuel tank off before returning, be sure the gauge is at least touching the line just before the F(full) mark, otherwise you will be charged a $50 refill fee along with the cost of the fuel to bring it up to that line. Nearest gas station is on that trucks page you can find by using the QR code inside the truck/van please be aware if the truck/van takes diesel or gas fuel.

Clean before dropping off

If the truck/van gets dirty or if you rent for more than 3 days please clean it before dropping off. You may clean the truck/van anywhere you want, nearest car wash station you can find by using the QR code inside the truck/van.

Drop off

Park the truck/van in the same stall you got it from, if that stall is not available try to park it as near to that stall as possible (for airports park as close to the interisland departure gates as possible). If you are unable to find parking in the designated parking area please look on that truck/vans page for instructions, if that doesn’t work call us to be sure it is parked where it won’t be towed or damaged, you are responsible for all towing and damages of the truck/van until it is returned to a designated location.

Drop off check list

Walk around the truck/van with your check out sheet completed when you took out the truck to be sure there is no new damage. If there is new damage fill out a damage report located in the truck take a photo of the damage and the damage report and e-mail to

Drop off key

Be sure the truck/van is locked and one key is left inside the truck and the other is put back in the lockbox.